Our research interest

Research interest

Main research topics solved under the support of domestic and international projects are following:

  • Impact of landscape changes on rainfall-runoff processes and flood risk
  • Retention potential of headwater areas and flood plains
  • Dynamics of snow cover accumulation and melting processes in mountain areas
  • Risk processes in alpine regions
  • Erosion and material transport from basin
  • Hydromorphological monitoring of streams and restoration of the fluvial ecosystems
  • Water quality changes of surface waters

Research activities

Research activities combine experimental research methods bearing on instrument equipment and methods of geoinformation analysis and mathematical modelling.

The monitoring network of rainfall-runoff and climatologic processes in the Czech Republic and in the world represents the basic component of the research. This network enables the high-temporal resolution continual monitoring and online data approach. For sediment transport research an automatic suspended load sampler is available and also basic instruments for hydrometrics, field survey and mobile geodetic survey is ready to use.

An important aspect represents an accent to geoinformation methods and mathematical modelling of rainfall-runoff processes as the standard hydrologic and climatologic assessment tools.