Our team

Group leader

Jakub Langhammer, Ph.D.

Team members

Dagmar Chalupová, Ph.D.

Bohumír Janský, CSc.

Michal Jeníček, Ph.D.

Zdeněk Kliment, CSc.

Ondřej Ledvinka, Ph.D.

Milada Matoušková, Ph.D.

Ye Su, Ph.D.

Miroslav Šobr, Ph.D.

Lukáš Vlček, Ph.D.

PhD students

Johnmark Nyame Acheampong

Thesis: Snowmelt water distribution in the critical zone: coupling of field and modelling approaches
Supervisor: Michal Jenicek

Doudou Ba

Thesis: Machine learning approaches in the modeling of hydrological extremes
Supervisor: Jakub Langhammer

Alois Burian

Thesis: Hydrological drought: Interaktion between surface water and groundwater
Supervisor: Bohumír Janský

Kateřina Fraindová

Thesis: Changes of streams ecological condition within regional climate change and human impact
Supervisor: Milada Matoušková

Ondřej Hotový

Thesis: Future changes in seasonal snowpack and impacts on spring and summer runoff in mountain areas
Supervisor: Michal Jeníček

Oleksandr Hordiienko

Thesis: UAV monitoring of montane peatbog response to climate change
Supervisor: Jakub Langhammer

Miroslav Jonáš

Thesis: Dynamics of changes of selected hydroclimatic factors and their influence on biogeochemistry of streams in headwater areas
Supervisor: Milada Matoušková

Barbora Marešová

Thesis: Impact of forest disturbance on changes of runoff response
Supervisor: Jakub Langhammer

Jitka Toušková

Thesis: Determination of evapotranspiration from small catchments
Supervisor: Václav Šípek

Veethahavya Kootanoor Sheshadrivasan

Thesis: Integrated numerical modeling of changes in hydro(geo)logical responses to climate and land use change
Supervisor: Jakub Langhammer

Dominik Míka

Thesis: Mountain snowmelt and its importance for catchment storage and runoff in the context of climate changes
Supervisor: Michal Jeníček

Luboš Mrkva

Thesis: The development of surface water quality in selected rural areas of the Elbe River Basin
Supervisor: Bohumír Janský

Ondřej Nedělčev

Thesis: Ongoing and future changes in seasonal snowpack and glaciers and their impact on runoff in mountain areas
Supervisor: Michal Jeníček

Marek Purm

Thesis: Coupling of SWAT hydrological model with the groundwater models
Supervisor: Václav Šípek

Aleš Tomášek

Thesis: Water retention in the landscape as a influencing implement of hydrological extremes
Supervisor: Bohumír Janský

Vojtěch Vlach

Thesis: Trends, frequency and seasonality of hydrological extremes in headwater areas
Supervisor: Milada Matoušková

Aleš Wild

Thesis: Impact of climate change on selected water quality parameters (Case study: Vlašimská Blanice, Chrudimka, Doubrava and Úslava basins)
Supervisor: Bohumír Janský